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Accoya Cladding

the world’s leading high technology timber,

created via acetylated wood modification, using sustainably grown timber


Durable Timber Cladding   Durable (Class 1)

Low Maintenance Timber Cladding   Low Maintenance

Stable timber cladding   Excellent Stability

Long lifespan timber cladding   Long Lifespan

Uniform timber cladding colou   Uniform Colour

Easily worked timber cladding   Good Workability

Recyclable timber cladding   Recyclable

None toxic timber cladding   Non Toxic

Legally verified timber cladding   Legally Verified



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Accoya Cladding

Accoya is the world’s leading high technology timber, created via acetylated wood modification, using sustainably grown timber. The process takes sustainably-sourced, fast-growing softwood and, in a non-toxic process that “enables nature”, creates a new durable, dimensionally stable and beautiful product that has the very best environmental credentials. This exceptional natural product is endlessly practical and is particularly suitable for producing high performance, low maintenance, sustainable construction products such as cladding, decking, doors and windows. It is worth noting that due to its properties Accoya helps to protect the world’s precious hardwood resources.

Accoya cladding is an ideal material when considering a paint finish.

Corell Timber Cladding Durability

As an external cladding, Accoya possess outstanding durability properties.  The material is categorised as Class 1 according BS EN 350-2, the highest possible rating for timber. In many cases Accoya exceeds the performance of the worlds most durable species.  Accoya is indigestible to a wide range of insects including termites. The timber is virtually rot proof and when properly maintained can be expected to have a lifespan of over 100 years.  It is also important to note that how a cladding is detailed and fixed will have an effect on it’s life expectancy.

Corell Timber Cladding Density

Accoya is very lightweight approx. 465kg/m3. As a result of this low density the timber is easy managed and easy to work with.

Corell Timber Cladding Sustainability 

Accoya is sustainably sourced, non toxic and can be recycled. This timber holds FSC and PEFC certification.

Corell Timber Cladding Coating suitability

Due to the outstanding dimensional stability of Accoya, timber swelling and shrinkage is virtually eliminated meaning that finish coating is not subjected to such severe stretch and shrink cycles.  This enables coating to last 3-4 times longer.  It is recommended that Accoya be finished as it is susceptible to blue staining if left uncoated.  On large scale projects it is more feasible to have Accoya factory pre finished.  Accoya is currently not suitable for fire retardant treatment.

Corell Timber Cladding Stability

One of the key attributes of Accoya timber is it’s outstanding dimensional stability which offers greater lifespan for finished coating materials. Accoya is an ideal choice where aesthetics and less frequent maintenance are critical. The dimensional stability, durability and natural UV resistance of Accoya wood confirms a decreased overall life cycle cost.  Independent tests have shown coatings last longer on Accoya cladding / siding than competing products.

Corell Timber Cladding Work ability

Accoya is easy to work with both hand or machine tools.  The timber glues and finishes well.

Corell Timber Cladding Fixings

The manner in which any timber cladding is fixed is fundamental to it’s performance in both appearance and durability. Like a lot of timbers suitable for external claddings we recommend stainless steel fixings – screws or nails may be used.

N.B. Iron-based fasteners can stain and discolour the wood, especially in the presence of moisture.

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Accoya Cladding
Accoya Cladding
Accoya Cladding
Accoya Cladding