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THERMA Wood Cladding

100% recyclable with an expected service lifespan of 50-60 years
Durable Thermo wood Timber Cladding


A modified timber that has achieved a durability class 1/2 rating with an expected service life of over 50 years
Timber Cladding with excellent stability


THERMA Wood benefits from enhanced dimensional stability avoiding cupping and overall movement.
Sustainability sourced timber claddding


THERMA Wood is sourced from well managed forests and is legally verified
Timber cladding with low maintenance


Further treatment is not necessary.  The timber will turn a silver grey colour if left to weather naturally



Durable Timber Cladding   Durable (Class 1/2)

Low Maintenance Timber Cladding   Very Low Maintenance

Stable timber cladding   Excellent Stability

Long lifespan timber cladding   Long Lifespan

Uniform timber cladding colou   Uniform Colour

Easily worked timber cladding   Very Good Workability

Recyclable timber cladding   Recyclable

None toxic timber cladding   Non Toxic

Legally verified timber cladding   Legally Verified



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THERMA Wood Cladding

THERMA Wood Cladding is a knot free clear grade hardwood produced using the latest thermal modification process. By applying heat, steam and pressure to the timber the process reduces the ability of the cells in the timber structure to absorb water compared to non-modified timber. The fibre saturation point is reduced to around 16% in thermally modified timber as opposed to 27% in normal timber. This results in an increase in dimensional stability. Our thermally modified hardwood cladding is virtually knot free, consistent in colour and boasts a high degree of stability. Knots no bigger than 6mm in diameter can rarely if ever be found in the surface of the timber. The appearance is warm brown in colour with a straight grain and even texture, giving a consistent look similar to Iroko/Teak.  If left untreated our THERMA Cladding weathers to a light grey colour.

THERMA Wood Cladding is frequently preferred by Architects to achieve the high expectations of their design both in appearance and performance.

THERMO Wood Decking Durability

THERMA Wood Cladding is an extremely durable timber, Class 1-2 according to BS EN 350-2.  There are no chemicals or toxins used in the process of heat modification only steam, heat and pressure is all that is required to produce this durability. This also means that the timber is 100% recyclable. THERMA Cladding has a lifespan of 50-60 years. It is also important to note that how a cladding is detailed and fixed will have an effect on it’s life expectancy. THERMA Cladding is resistant to mould and is resistant to attack from the three most common wood boring insects found in Europe.

THERMO Wood Decking Density

THERMA Wood Cladding is approx 330kg/m3, moisture content is normally around 8%. This low density allows for ease of handling and better workability when compared to unmodified hardwoods such as Iroko or Teak.

THERMO Wood Decking Sustainability 

THERMA cladding is FSC certified which means it is source from well managed and sustainable forests.

THERMO Wood Decking Coating suitability

THERMA Wood Cladding does not require any treatment in order to enhance it’s durability and can be left to weather naturally to a silver grey colour. On large scale projects if colour finishes are required it may be more feasible to have the timber factory pre finished. Corell Timber work closely with Teknos who provide a large range of opaque colours which include all Ral colours. Translucent brown colours in light oak, medium oak and teak are also available if required. THERMA Wood Cladding can also be fire retardant treated using suitable coating range of products by Teknos. THERMA Cladding is approx 30% more fire resistant when compared to non-modified timber.

THERMO Wood Decking Stability

The thermal modification process changes the structure of the timber resulting in THERMA Wood Cladding having an extremely low maintained moisture content of approx 8%. The benefit is that is enhances the timber’s dimensional stability avoiding cupping and overall movement.  Excellent stability, low density and a contemporary look mean that THERMA Wood Cladding can also be used to great effect internally.

THERMO Wood Decking Work ability

THERMA Wood Cladding is very easy to work with both hand or machine tools. The timber glues and finishes well.

THERMO Wood Decking Fixings

The manner in which any timber cladding is fixed is fundamental to it’s performance in both appearance and durability. Like a lot of timbers suitable for external claddings we recommend stainless steel fixings – screws or nails may be used.

N.B. Iron-based fasteners can stain and discolour the wood, especially in the presence of moisture.

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Face Fix Profiles

Shadow Rift

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